sonja glass is too fragile; once broken considered sold. valeska steiner is my bae; because someday im gonna get laid. ps: all the BOY fans think these two date, and we also hope its true. 
"room with a view" idk, but this is my fav picture! valeska looks really hot tho x 
sonja be like: bitch what are u looking at ? 
omg this is so cute !!!! 

Whatsapp Group

hey, so far our whatsapp group is somewhat growing, 4 members lol (including me). it would be great if you guys could join us :D just simply message me your number x -fahani

I'm so sorry to ask this, but do you know if there is any fanfiction about Boy? Love your blog btw :)

What are you sorry for? hahah. I don’t mind really! I think no.. Wow, actually I didn’t think of that though xD Well, I should post this on my blog, so maybe someone might know about this fanfiction about BOY thingy.. and your welcome :) x

“secretly working on our second album…” OMG WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! GOD BLESS THEM, FINALLY A NEW PHOTO!! <3